Date: 20th August 2001

No More Big Films For Ewan

EWAN McGREGOR is refusing to do anymore big budget movies - because it makes him feel isolated. The MOULIN ROUGE (2001) actor claims he's often been left out of crew parties because he is such a huge star.

He says, "These long things go on and on, and the actors get shunted away on their own while the crew throw parties and don't invite us, like you're being ostracised all the time. The bigger you get, the more you're paid, the more it isolates you."

"Then you get to be one of those Hollywood actors who don't want to do certain things because it might be bad for their image. They won't smoke or do a nude scene or say a mean word in case it lowers their ante. " (RP/WNBGUS)

Source: WENN