Date: 16th August 2001

Pierce Funds Tibetan School With Wedding

PIERCE BROSNAN will open a vocational school in Kathmandu for Tibetans in exile with the money raised from coverage of his wedding to KEELY SMITH.

The GOLDENEYE (1995) actor visited and travelled with the Dalai Lama in northern India last September (01) when he was struck by the need for such an establishment.

He says, "I was touched by the Tibetan people and the culture which is surviving under great duress. It is a vocational school for young men which teaches them a variety of practical skills such as metalwork, so they can make and sell products that people need. "

Pierce also explains the economics of building the school. He says, "I was introduced to the wonderful Minister of Education. She showed me all the plans for this school and explained they would need $400,000 (307,692) to build it. I decided I wanted to raise the funding to build this school within a year and, through various generous-hearted men and women we know and from proceeds from articles such as the coverage of our wedding, we're close to our goal. " (AW/H/RP)

Source: WENN



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