Date: 14th August 2001

Brad Pitt Makes A Jackass Of Himself

Actor BRAD PITT's making a real JACKASS of himself - appearing in a second episode of the hit MTV series. Last week (ends10AUG01) Pitt shocked viewers of the television show by appearing dressed in a full ape costume, go-carting down the streets of Los Angeles.

But this week (ends19AUG01) Pitt is set to stun his loyal fans by taking part in an unamusing fake kidnapping episode. Unwitting bystanders were visibly shocked and panicked as they watched Pitt - who was in on the prank - be snatched by a group of burly men and pulled into a black truck.

Pitt's terrifyingly real-life screams caused one member of the public to try and jump in after him, and another to chase the truck down the street. One viewer says, "It was taking things a bit too far I think. People who witness that kind of violent crime get scarred by it, even if they find out later that it was a print. " (SVD/WNV/NFA)

Source: WENN