Date: 2nd August 2001

Mark Wahlberg: I Keep My Boogie Nights Tool Safe

MARK WAHLBERG is terrified his mum will misuse his proudest possession - the fake penis he used in BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997).

The hunky actor says that while he walked away from his new smash movie PLANET OF THE APES (2001) without any souvenirs, he just couldn't resist holding onto his outsize prosthetic.

He admits, "I have something more valuable than the ape stuff. I have the 'Boogie Nights' prosthetic. " And despite living with his mother in Boston, Massachusetts, Mark has no worries about his instrument falling into the wrong hands, explaining, "I keep the thing in a safe. Otherwise, mom would think it was something she could hit a robber with someday or she'd put it on the end of her DUSTBUSTER thinking it came with the vacuum cleaner. " (CPBP/WN/KW)

Source: WENN