Date: 29th July 2001

Lara Flynn Boyle Speaks Out For The Flat Chested

LARA FLYNN BOYLE has hit out at the thousands of Hollywood women who use breast implants to enhance their looks.

The willowy star believes that celebrities with surgically enhanced breasts not only look weird, but also set a bad example for impressionable young girls. She says,

"I don't think breast surgery is something to be promoted as healthier-looking, because it's not. It's strange- looking and sends a bad message. "

Her remarks are sure to sting the many slender stars in Tinseltown who are reported to have had implants, like HEATHER LOCKLEAR, TORI SPELLING and ALYSSA MILANO. Lara adds,

"I've taken a beating for being thin. But I know a lot of actresses are just as thin as I am and don't take a beating because they've had boob jobs. "

And the reported fiancee of JACK NICHOLSON is encouraged by the success of svelte actress CALISTA FLOCKHART, explaining, "Calista is one of my top five role models. She's one of my ideals and helps to remind me how to deal with things".

"I've been put to shame for years because I don't have the correct body type for Hollywood. But I say be proud of what you have. Skinny, fairly flat-chested girls can be pretty too. Look at all the beautiful ballerinas. " (RGS/TG/KMW)

Source: WENN