Date: 17th September 2000

Actor Spills Blair Sequel Details

The plot for the upcoming sequel to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT has been given away by one of it's stars - and it plays on the use ofthe Internet to market the first movie.

The film will involve a group of friends who meet on the Internet and travel to the setting of the first film - just like thousands of real Blair Witch fans have done.

KIM DIRECTOR, who plays a character described as a "goth" in BLAIR WITCH 2: BOOK OF SHADOWS, says the new movie has abandoned the documentary style of the first film but will draw on the obsessive interest in the original movie. She says, "Five people meet online in a chat room thinking that Blair Witch Project is really cool."

She adds, "And then we decide that we're gonna go camping for the weekend where they shot the first movie. We wake up the next morning and realise that five hours of our lives are totally unaccounted for. "So in trying to find out what the hell happened, that's when everything starts going wrong." The sequel, she claims, "has a little more edge to it" and is "a little more creepy, but it's also shot like such a beautiful film."


Source: WENN