Date: 17th June 2001

Rob Lowe and Gwyneth Paltrow's On Set Fondling

WEST WING hunk ROB LOWE begged GWYNETH PALTROW to fondle him as a tame movie love scene turned into an unchoreographed romp.

The steamy love-fest erupted when Lowe co-starred with Paltrow in the upcoming romantic comedy,View From The Top, A (2001)

Lowe jokes, "We almost tore the set apart. " In the movie, Lowe plays a dashing pilot and Paltrow portrays a bimbo air hostess.

Even though it was his first love scene in 10 years, the dark-haired actor told the director he needed no directions. He explains, "There was a knock on the trailer door and someone shouted, 'They're ready for you now. ' Gwyneth and I looked at each other, walked to the stage and just went at it. "

According to Lowe, while shooting the scene, Paltrow whispered, "Would you mind if I put my hands down your pants?" The 36-year-old father-of-two then urged Paltrow, 28, to grab her chance to turn the occasion into a red-hot rendezvous to remember. He continues, "I whispered back, 'I've been married 10 years, put down the front of my pants. '"

Lowe notes that his make-up artist wife SHERYL BERKOFF was on the set during his liaison with Paltrow, who is currently dating CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) actor LUKE WILSON. Lowe continues, "Gwyneth and my wife are best pals. She's probably the only actress I could get away with doing a scene like that with. " (RGS/TG/ES)

Source: WENN



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