Date: 30th August 2001

Gwyneth 'Mean And Nasty'

Hollywood sweetheart GWYNETH PALTROW is "the movie star from hell", according to her co-workers on the set of her new film VIEW FROM THE TOP, a (2001). Paltrow has reportedly been acting like a real diva, and according to crew members, insisted on having all the female extras in the comedy - about a small-time girl determined to become a flight attendant - paraded in front of her so she could inspect them one by one and ensure they weren't too attractive.

A worker on the set says, "The director had chosen extras who look like would-be air stewardesses. Most were young and average looking. But one was really cute and had straight blonde hair. When she saw her, she had a fit. She screamed, 'No! I'm the only one with long blonde har around here. ' The extra was told to leave, and I could see the poor girl was crushed. Tears were flowing down her cheeks as she walked out. " The unimpressed employee adds, "She's a nightmare to work with - a mean, nasty person. " (RP/NE/KW)

Source: WENN