Date: 15th December 2001

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants A Man Like Her Dad

Stunning actress GWYNETH PALTROW has set tough guidelines for her ideal man to meet - he has to be just like her dad. The 29-year-old SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE (1998) star, who dated the likes of BRAD PITT and BEN AFFLECK, says that she wants to wed a man just like her father, TV producer and film director BRUCE PALTROW.

She explains, "Between my father, my grandfather and my brother Jake I have these models in my life for me who are sensitive, bright, funny and strong. It's hard because I'm always looking for a man who will measure up to Daddy - and that's impossible, because there's nobody like him. "

She continues, "Dad would come home from work and we'd build blocks together. If my mom (actress BLYTHE DANNER) was working, he'd give me a bath and wash and dry my hair. He was always patient, always loving. He was the most wonderful father in the world. "

Gwyneth has recently set up house with her Royal Tenenbaums, The (2001) co- star LUKE WILSON - and the screen stars are reported to be secretly engaged. (RGS/TG/BRC)

Source: WENN