Date: 11th May 2001

Traces Of Cocaine Found In Downey Test

Actor ROBERT DOWNEY Jnr had traces of cocaine in his system when he was arrested last month (APR01), police said yesterday (10MAY01). The urine test that the 36-year-old actor voluntarily took revealed no other drugs in his system, said LT. DAVE TANKENSON of the Culver City Police Department. "It will be up to the DA's office on what charges to file," Tankenson said. "But we are recommending he be charged with a misdemeanour of being under a controlled substance. "

Downey was arrested in a suburban Culver City alley last month and was released to his parole office and ordered to return to court 15 May (01). Downey, who was already facing drug charges stemming from a November arrest at a Palm Springs hotel, could face up to a year in jail for his most recent arrest. Downey's troubles led to his release from his GOLDEN GLOBE- winning role on the Fox comedy ALLY MCBEAL. (PDD/WNWNT)

Source: WENN