Date: 11th September 2000

Keanu Under Fire Over 'Foul- Mouthed' Film Youngster

KEANU REEVES' latest movie has been slammed by city officials in Chicago for its portrayal of local children as foul-mouthed delinquents.

In HARDBALL Reeves plays a baseball team coach dealing with primarily black youngsters from tough urban housing projects.

But Mayor RICHARD DALEY and schools chief PAUL VALLAS say the movie is "overly negative" and are angered by the constant bad language.

A small protest, organised by local real life coaches, was staged on the set of the movie maintaining that none of the children in

the team on which the film was based cursed so much. One coach says, "We are kind of broken-hearted. They have come to our town and taken a wonderful story about kids wanting to play baseball and dirtied it up because they think this is how black kids act. They are wrong." (JM/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN