Date: 27th February 2001

Baldies Slammed Spielberg Wig Movie

Movie king STEVEN SPIELBERG allegedly allowed his Irish-made movie to flop after it was slated by a test audience - made up entirely of bald men.

EVERLASTING PIECE - which documents the antics of two Belfast wig-makers - was poorly received by the shiny-headed gathering. Irish producer JEREOME O'CONNOR is now suing Spielberg for allegedly not promoting the movie - claiming that the mogul dropped it because he feared it would upset the British at a time he was in line for a knighthood.

But Spielberg's company DREAMWORKS insists that poor audience reaction is the reason behind the film's failure to secure a national release. A studio source says, "It might sound like a dumb idea to ask bald men to watch the film, but if they didn't find it funny then sure as hell nobody else was going to. "It was hard getting enough bald men to fill the cinema in the first place, they just weren't interested in seeing it. "It was also rejected by several film festivals and played poorly at promotional screenings in suburban cinemas." (RXT/ISM/MCM)

Source: WENN