Date: 4th February 2001

Liam Neeson Hates Los Angeles

Hollywood superstar LIAM NEESON opted to live in New York instead of Los Angeles - because he thinks the people there are more real.

The ROB ROY star has lived there for 14 years, and insists that he would never settle on the west coast. He says,"It's freezing here now, but in New York you can bump into people like doctors, brick-layers, nurses, ordinary people. LA just isn't like that. I spent about five years in Los Angeles when I first came to America. It's a really strange place. Everything there just seems to revolve around the film or the music business - and nothing else. "After a certain amount of time there you get a bit warped, my emotional graph line just levelled out. I was concerned living there. I felt I'd learned nothing at all and had to get out." (RXT/II/PDD)

Source: WENN