Date: 11th June 2001

Fatso Dicaprio

Sexy actress CAMERON DIAZ has renamed Hollywood hunk LEONARDO DICAPRIO Roly-Poly DiCaprioly.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) star gave the heart-throb the nickname after he piled on weight for his part in the MARTIN SCORSESE film GANGS OF NEW YORK (2001).

And BEACH, the (2000) actor, who once sent female pulses racing with his toned physique, is now the subject of ridicule.

LIAM NEESON and DANIEL DAY LEWIS also taunted the flabby film star, and Cameron says, "He'd gained all this weight for the film, so we made up names for him like Roly-Poly DiCaprioly and The Snail, because he was so round he looked like a snail, all balled up. "(KMW/WNTRE/RP)

Source: WENN



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