Date: 9th January 2001

Kate Winslet Slams Celebrity Interviews

KATE WINSLET has slammed celebrities who sell their souls to magazines.

The TITANIC star insists she'll never invite magazines such as OK! or HELLO into her home, and thinks it's appalling when the rich and famous take money for such articles.

She fumes, "People who think they're celebrities appear in those magazines. What is celebrity? It's fake and I'm suspicious of it. If you're a soap star, weathergirl, newsreader, you're a celebrity. "We had offers for our wedding and, boy, is it tempting to take the money, but we sat down over a cup of tea and told ourselves not to be ridiculous. You can't sell your private life down the drain. I'd hate to sound a bitch saying that, because some people genuinely need the money, and that's fine. When you're clearly rolling, it's appalling." (NMD/AB/KW)

Source: WENN