Date: 24th December 2000

Banderas Dresses Up For Early Role

An old pal of Spanish movie hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS has embarrassed the actor by releasing a spread of photographs he took of him dressed as a sexy transvestite.

MANUEL BREA took the saucy shots in the early 1980s when Banderas was a penniless hopeful keen to nail a big role as a cross dresser. Banderas was so determined to land the part of a transvestite in a low-budget 1883 film, he asked Brea to take photos of him dressed as a woman - and offered to pay him $20 (13) for the job.

He only paid $10 (6.60) - so now the photographer is offering the photos to publications. American tabloid THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER is the first publication to publish the candid pictures. Brea says, "We got him a wig, some make-up, earrings and some other accessories and I shot the pictures."


Source: WENN