Date: 13th December 2000

Jennifer Aniston's Words Of Sympathy For Madonna

FRIENDS star JENNIFER ANISTON won't be going to MADONNA's wedding - but is hoping the MATERIAL GIRL won't have too much hassle from the press.

The sexy actress, who was forced to take extreme security measures to fend of the media scrutiny when she married BRAD PITT earlier this year (00), can sympathise with Madonna and fiance GUY RITCHIE's efforts to keep their wedding, in a Scottish castle on 22 December (00), a private affair.

Aniston says, "I don't think we're going, but it's wonderful for them. "To a point you fight and then you just end up having to give in a little bit 'cause you're trying to say 'but it's ours', and then you realise there's a give and take and it works out fine."

Source: WENN



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