Date: 12th December 2000

Hollywood Films A Kursk Lookalike

Hollywood film-makers are hoping that the world's fascination with the grisly fate of the Russian KURSK submarine earlier this year (00) will continue as they prepare to make a disaster movie about the sinking of a Russian nuclear submarine.

HARRISON FORD and LIAM NEESON were in Moscow last week (ends10DE00) to research their leading roles in the film, but out of concern for the feelings of the relatives of the 118 men who died in the Kursk in August, the film-makers have chosen to dramatise a 1961 incident which shocked the Soviet Union.

In July that year the submarine K-19 - known affectionately as HIROSHIMA because of its history of radiation leaks - was left stranded in the middle of the Atlantic after an accident, cut off from all contact with the shore. A small group of heroic submariners exposed themselves to potentially fatal levels of radiation in an attempt to repair the vessel. Several died later from radiation poisoning. (TM/WNBGU/PDD)

Source: WENN