Date: 17th November 2000

Muhammad Ali Movie Ready To Go

WILL SMITH's movie ALI is ready to shoot - despite reports of last- minute financial set backs.

Industry magazines had reported the much anticipated biopic of the great boxer MUHAMMAD ALI was being shelved, due to budgets overrunning. But according to director MICHAEL MANN, who has just returned from a final location scouting trip, all the pieces are in place and they're ready to get going.

He says, "We just got back from Mozambique last night and that's where we've decided we're going to shoot now. "Will's working really hard, he's been training for six months now and he's in spectacular shape. "We're ready to go, the music is exciting, back to the world of 1963. We've got the props, the convertibles, the whole rock and roll scene." (SVD/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN



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