Date: 13th December 2001

Ali's Daughter Doubts Will Smith

Muhammad Ali's daughter Leila is unimpressed by WILL SMITH's ambitions to box - because he has no idea what it's really like in the ring. Leila, who has followed in her legendary father's footsteps by becoming a female boxer, thinks Smith's portrayal of her father is impressive.

But she has one big reservation about his performance - about Will's ability to really succeed in the ring. She laughs,

"I went for dinner with him and he was trying to be my dad the whole time and I was like, 'Enough, already'. Because he hadn't perfected it yet so it was a bit much. But I heard he wants a professional fight now - I have to ask him. The thing is, Will thinks he got hit during the movie, but anybody sparing with Will Smith is on the pay roll. He has no idea what really being hit is like. " (SVD/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN