Date: 1st September 2023

Jake Gyllenhaal Wants to Act In Movie Directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal wants to act in a movie directed by his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Maggie made her directorial debut with Oscar-nominated 2021 film "The Lost Daughter". Jake told People magazine that he would "adore" to be directed by her.

With Maggie recently making her feature directorial debut with The Lost Daughter, Jake told People magazine (via IndieWire) that he would "adore" being directed by his sister. "We talk all the time and we rely on each other," Jake said. "She sees me for all of my stuff and she can bring that out in me. And I think I would show her vulnerability, probably, I haven’t been able to do onscreen and otherwise, because I trust her and I love her."

He previously told InStyle magazine about a project the two potentially have in the works. "We actually talk about it more now than ever, and I would love to work with her," he said. "We are working together on something right now, just creatively, not as actors, which I’m enjoying so much. I don’t think I can say yet. But, she’s an incredible writer, and she’s an incredible filmmaker, and I’ve known that for a long time. And now the world knows it."

"It was definitely a moment of great pride and joy when she won the screenwriting award at Venice," Jake told IndieWire’s Anne Thompson in 2021 about sister Maggie’s accolades for "The Lost Daughter."

He added, "We somehow found ourselves in the same business, having grown up with two parents who were incredible teachers in storytelling who were also, admittedly, competitive with each other. So that behavior was part of the model we were shown."

Source: Press Release