See Spot Run (2001) - Synopsis

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As a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, Gordon (DAVID ARQUETTE) prides himself on his ability to handle any canine crisis that might arise on his residential route. Gifted, alert and armed with specially designed defensive gadgetry, Gordon faces the enemy every day

He is the anti-dog commando.

But the day he offers to babysit his beautiful neighbor's (LESLIE BIBB) son, Gordon meets his match: a crime-fighting super dog that has just escaped from a witness protection program with local mobsters and his concerned owner, FBI agent Murdoch (MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN), in hot pursuit. When the runaway canine seeks refuge in Gordon's mail truck, it's the beginning of a wildly comic adventure that leads to some unexpected transformations for both man and dog.

"See Spot Run," starring David Arquette, Academy Award-nominee Michael Clarke Duncan and Leslie Bibb, is directed by JOHN WHITESELL (TV's "Cosby" and "Roseanne") from a story by STUART GIBBS & CRAIG TITLEY and GEORGE GALLO, screenplay by George Gallo and DAN BARON & CHRIS FABER.

Included in the cast are JOE VITERELLI (Analyze This (1999)) ANGUS T. JONES (Simpatico (1999)) and STEVE R. SCHIRRIPA ("The Sopranos"), with ANTHONY ANDERSON (Me, Myself & Irene (2000)) and PAUL SORVINO (Family Man, the (2000)). ROBERT SIMONDS (Waterboy, the (1998) Big Daddy (1999)), TRACEY TRENCH (Corky Romano (2001) Ever After (1998) and ANDREW DEANE (the television miniseries "Joan of Arc") are the producers; JOHN KOUSAKIS (TV's "Millennium" series) and IRA SHUMAN (Waterboy, the (1998)) are the co-producers; MICHAEL MILLER and BRUCE BERMAN (Matrix, the (1999)) are the executive producers.

CARA SILVERMAN is the editor, MARK FREEBORN is the production designer and JOHN BARTLEY, A. S. C, C. S. C. , is the director of photography. "See Spot Run" will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures and, in select territories, Village Roadshow Pictures