Corky Romano (2001) - Details

AKA : corky romano

Corky Romano

Good-natured veterinarian Corky Romano (CHRIS KATTAN, left) is stunned when he receives a surprising call from his long lost-father, "Pops" (PETER FALK, right), an underworld crime lord who has been indicted by a grand jury. With his trial just two weeks away, it looks as if the Mafia kingpin is finally going down. However, he still has an ace up his sleeve. Pops realizes that the one person who can turn the tables and infiltrate the FBI undetected -- and abscond with the evidence against him -- is Corky, who was banished from the "family" at a young age because he didn't fit in. Corky is only too happy to help his newly rediscovered relations, and his brothers intimidate a computer hacker into creating a fake resume to get Corky into the FBI. But the hacker panics and goes overboard, making Corky appear to be a superagent, a reputation that he must live up to. Under the guise of Agent Pissant, he stumbles into the hallowed halls of justice and tries to fake his way through one tough assignment after another while hunting for the elusive incriminating proof of dear ol' Dad's illegal activities. As investigators close in on the Romano family, a disguised Corky gets caught in their dragnet. But Corky has set up a sting of his own -- one that will blow everybody's minds.