Fred Savage - Details


Fred SavageFred Savage was born July 9, 1976. he began acting at age 9 with Jay Underwood in Boy Who Could Fly, The (1986). He later had his own series at twelve called "Wonder Years, The" (1988). It became a good show, and on the pilot, he gave his first kiss. He was later in the movie Vice Versa (1988) with Judge Reinhold. and then in Little Monsters (1989), in which he worked with his younger brother Ben Savage (I). Then he went into the movie Wizard, The (1989) with Luke Edwards, Christian Slater, Jenny Lewis, and Beau Bridges. Later "The Wonder Years" was cancelled while his younger brother Ben Savage got his lead show "Boy Meets World" (1993). He stopped working for a couple of years until he got his lead in the series "Working" (1997).


  • 9th July 1976 - Birth