Saïd Taghmaoui - Details


Taghmaoui came to the attention of the international public in 1994 when he starred in Mathieu Kassovitz’s multi award-winning ‘La Haine’.

Other film credits include David O’Russell’s ‘Three Kings’ with George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube, Gillies Mackinnon’s ‘Hideous Kinky’ with Kate Winslet, Stefano Incerti’s ‘Torball’, Alain Robak’s ‘La Taule’, Alessandro d’Alatri’s ‘Les Jardins de l’Eden’, Giancarlo Planta’s ‘Onorevoli Detenuti’, Vincenzo Terracciano’s ‘Le Temps de l’Innocence’, Rachid Bendhaj’s ‘Samir’, Lucian Segura’s ‘Go For Gold and Gérard Krawczyk’s ‘Heroines’.

His theatre credits include ‘22-34’, which was written and directed by Xavier Durringer and performed in Italy, France and Morocco.

Born in Paris to Moroccan parents, Taghmaoui was a championship boxer prior to getting involved in acting, and studied at the Blanche Salon