Louise Frogley - Details


Began her career working in London and Paris as a costume designer / set decorator for various commercial companies, including RSA. The latter company was headed by a group of young directors, many of whom went on to great success making feature films. Among them were brothers Ridley and Tony Scott, Hugh Hudson, and Adrian Lyne.

Her first movie assignment was as assistant costume designer on Hugh Hudson's Academy Award-winning "Chariots of Fire." Since that initial foray into cinema, Frogley has dressed over 20 feature films, including Neil Jordan's "Mona Lisa," Ron Shelton's "Bull Durham," Bill Forsyth's "Breaking In," Emile Ardolino's "Three Men and a Little Lady," Steve Miner's "Warlock," Glenn Gordon Caron's "Wilder Napalm," Peter Horton's "The Cure," John Roberts' "War of the Buttons," Stuart Baird's "U.S. Marshals" and "Executive Decision," and Rupert Wainwright's "Stigmata."

Following completion of Traffic, Frogley headed for her native England, to work on Tony Scott's "Spy Game," starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt.

Her work for television includes the NBC miniseries "Noble House" (directed by Gary Nelson) and James Dearden's HBO telefilm "The Cold Room."

Frogley spent her childhood commuting from school in England to her family's homes in Rhodesia, South Africa, and Kenya. She has been based in Los Angeles for the past decade.