Patrick Alexander Stewart - Details


Patrick Alexander Stewart took on one of his greatest challenges with Time Code - re-thinking videography from a mobile, spontaneous perspective.

Stewart is already renowned for his expertise with handheld cameras and shooting video transferred to film. He garnered critical acclaim for his debut feature documentary, D. U.L, an expose of L.A's alternative music scene, which was shot entirely on video then transferred to 16ram. The film was exhibited at the Milan, Melbourne, New York, and AFI Film Festivals. He went on to shoot Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, using a mixture of celluloid and several forms of videotape, including the Fisher Price Pixel camera, becoming the first feature film to use this innovative tool. Stewart has also shot the short film A Dry Heat, which has been seen on the festival circuit, and many music videos. He is the recipient of the Best Directed Music Video award from the Chicago International Film Festival.

In 1996, Stewart partnered with Scott Marshall to form Marshall/Stewart Production, which produces over 450 segments, specials, commercials and documentaries each year.