Patrick Bauchau - Details


Patrick Bauchau currently stars as Sydney on the NBC television series The Pretender. He returned to the big screen in the critically acclaimed feature Twin Falls Idaho.

Bauchau began his career at the end of the French New Wave cinematic era and was greatly influenced by writer-director Eric Rohmer, whom he considers his mentor. He appeared in Rohmer’s La Collectioneuse, his first movie, in the late 1960s and refined his technique in European art films such as Lisbon Story, The State of Things (both directed by Wim Wenders), The Interview, We Free Kings, Entre Nous and The Music Teacher, among others.

On television, Bauchau was a regular cast member on Fox’s Kindred: The Embraced, and starred in many TV movies including Blood Ties, And the Band Played On, and Columbo: Murder, A Self Portrait. He was also the star of the Canadian series Mount Royal, for which he was nominated for a Gemini Award.


  • 6th December 1938 - Birth