Date: 28th November 2014

Fox gives Independence Day 2 the green light.

The long-awaited sequel to Independence Day has taken a significant step towards fruition, with Fox having officially given the project the green light.

According to Deadline, the studio is keen to move forward with this one, with the next step in the process securing Roland Emmerich’s return to the director’s chair.

Given Emmerich’s vocal enthusiasm for the project, that should pose no major problem, with the report claiming that casting will begin as soon as the director signs on the dotted line.

Will Smith will not be appearing this time around, but it is thought that Bill Pullman will reprise his role from the first film, with Jeff Goldblum also said to be open to a return.

It had previously been suggested that the film would be one of a pair of sequels, although there is no word regarding a green light for two films. Perhaps the studio wants to see how the first one is received before entirely throwing caution to the wind...

Source: Press Release