Date: 9th October 2000

Aykroyd: "No Hard Feelings" Over Belushi Death

Actor DAN AYKROYD says he has no hard feelings for the former
junkie who gave his comedy partner JOHN BELUSHI a fatal cocktail of heroin and cocaine.

Canadian CATHY EVELYN SMITH was jailed for three years for her part in Belushi's death in a Los Angeles hotel in 1982. But in an interview with British newspaper the DAILY TELEGRAPH, Aykroyd says, "She didn't want to kill him any more than I did. She just misjudged the dose and she did her time for manslaughter. I've got no vengeful wishes for her."

And adds, "I feel a little bit of residual guilt. Could I have done more? I loved him. We only had eight years, but there wasn't one moment, one day when we were together when we weren't laughing about something."

Aykroyd, who worked with Belushi on the hit American TV show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and in movies such as THE BLUES BROTHERS and 1941, is currently promoting his straight role in the moving new film THE HOUSE OF MIRTH, out this week (end13OCT00). (RGS/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN