Date: 29th September 2010

Lohan Sent back to Jail

Lindsay Lohan is headed back to jail a third time – and this may be the longest stay – after failing a mandatory drug test.

Judge Fox decided to deny bail for the actress given her past arrests and actions. This will be her third time spending time in jail; the original charges were filed in 2007 for driving drunk as well as multiple drug charges.

Both times she has been given jail time Lohan has been released due to “overcrowding.” The longest she has spent in jail was 14 days, which is not even one quarter of the 90 days she was sentenced to. Earlier this year a judge stated in a hearing that Lohan would receive 1 month in jail for each drug test she skipped or failed. This is her first failed test since then, so it is unknown whether she will actually receive a full month. It is also likely that she will once again be released early due to overcrowding.

Lohan, 24, said nothing and looked stunned as she stood, was handcuffed and led away by sheriff's deputies out a side door. She was crying as she was placed in an unmarked police car and driven toward the women's jail in Lynwood, Calif.

Lohan tested dirty about three weeks after being released early from inpatient rehab at UCLA Medical Center on Aug. 24.

"This was certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I'm prepared to face the consequences," she Tweeted last week.

She previously completed 13 full days of a 30-day sentence in a Lynwood, Calif., jail on Aug. 2 after she violated probation in her DUI case.

Source: Press Release