Date: 22nd September 2010

Lindsay Lohan could be back behind

Lindsay Lohan could be back behind bars on Friday. U.S. Actress did not pass a doping test and could be back behind bars for violating terms of probation which was granted recently on her conviction for drunken driving, the press reported on Friday in Los Angeles.The girl, 24, who was discharged in August of a medical center for rehabilitation and after serving just three weeks to six months imprisonment to which he was convicted of drunken driving, failed a cocaine control Last week, reported the news agency.On Friday, media reported no direct comments from Lohan or their representatives, but Magazine said her reaction to the reports was: "I'm fine ..., They're all crazy."

A source told website RadarOnline: "Lindsay could be remanded directly into custody on Friday, pending the probation violation hearing, and it's very likely that Judge Fox will do that. Lindsay was allowed to remain out on bail last time until her probation violation hearing, but Judge Fox probably won't give her that privilege because of her failed drug test, and this is her second probation violation hearing in less than three months."

By remanding her directly to custody, Lindsay would stay behind bars until the probation violation hearing, she wouldn't allowed to get out early. The probation violation hearing could be set for the following week, or as much as 30 days from now. If it's set for 30 days from now, Lindsay will remain behind bars during that time if that is what Judge Fox decides."

The 'Mean Girls' star - who tested positive for having both cocaine and amphetamines in her system - recently spent time in jail and rehab for failing to comply with the terms of her probation for a 2007 driving under influence (DUI) conviction.

Source: Press Release