Date: 6th January 2006

Lindsay Admits Drugs And Bulimia

Lindsay Lohan's explosive interview with Vanity Fair is hitting US news stands.

In it she's 'fessed up to bulimia, drug use and a nervous breakdown.

The teen Herbie star, who poses topless in the magazine, admits: "I was making myself sick."

Of her bulimia, she told Vanity Fair: "I was sick and I had people sit me down and say, 'You're going to die if you don't take care of yourself."

She revealed that she had bulimia as recently as eight months ago - despite last year denying ever having the eating disorder.

She realised she had a problem after appearing on Saturday Night Live last May.

"I saw that 'SNL' after I did it. My arms were disgusting. I had no arms," Lindsay told Vanity Fair.

"I just started bawling. I knew I had a problem and I couldn't admit it."

Her manager mother Dina is quoted as quickly adding, "It wasn't as bad as it looked."

Lindsay also admitted having used drugs "a little" although, reportedly flustered, she refused to say if the drugs included cocaine.

She then insisted, "I've gotten that out of my system," adding, "It's kind of a sore subject."

Vanity Fair claims her publicist phoned the very next day to quash Lindsay's comments.

Lindsay is also reported to have said she 'smothered' first love Wilmer Valderrama with her problems because "I didn't have anyone to go to".

She admitted having a breakdown while writing the song Confessions Of A Broken Heart in her hotel room, and calling her father at Nassau County jail, where he is serving time for assault.

And she also revealed she had tried to get over all her problems with a shop-til-you-drop attitude, once spending $100,000 in a day.

But after such revelations, all she would say of supposed boyfriend Jared Leto is, "We're great friends."

A blonde Lindsay appears on the cover of the magazine with her regained curves well and truly on show in a white bikini.

Source: Press Release