Date: 14th June 2004

Cruise goes undercover to prepare for new role

Tom Cruise dressed up as a courier and wore a disguise to learn how to appear anonymous for his latest film role.

Cruise wore a FedEx uniform for the exercise ahead of his role as a shadowy contract killer in the film Collateral.

In it, Cruise is cast as a villain for the first time, playing a grey-haired, grey-suited stalker and hitman named Vincent, says The Sun.

Vincent is an expert at blending in with the background. As research for the role, Cruise set out to try the same thing in real life in bustling Los Angeles.

He said: "We had the wardrobe, I got my mission - go in and deliver this package to this place. Then go buy a coffee and sit down and just talk. It was a great acting exercise. I'm a very good stalker now, excellent."

Director Michael Mann added: "The objective was simply to be somebody else. Tom could put on a beard, sunglasses and a baseball hat and someone still goes, 'There's Tom Cruise'.

The guy he was delivering the package to was a clerk in a liquor store. And no, he didn't notice it was Tom."

Collateral opens in the US in August

Source: Press Release