Date: 25th July 2003

Keira, 18, on the verge of Holywood superleague

Keira Knightley is on the brink of signing for a role that will see her break into the Hollywood superleague.

The English actress, currently winning plaudits for her role in Pirates Of The Caribbean, is wanted by Steven Spielberg.

He wants the Bend it Like Beckham star to take on a substantial part in the fourth and final Jurassic Park blockbuster, reports the Evening Standard.

Knightly, still only 18, said: "It was so amazing because I've been a big fan of the original film for years. Steven said he liked my work in Bend It Like Beckham and wanted to meet me.

I think Sam Neill really pushed for me as well, because we had worked together before on Doctor Zhivago."

There were actually two roles in Jurassic Park IV that Steven thought I might fit. First there was the granddaughter part the other was substantially larger but I won't go into any details in case I make Steven angry."

Knightley has also signed up with Spielberg's company Dreamworks for Tulip Fever alongside Jude Law.

To be even considered by Steven Spielberg was a humbling honour," she told Box-Office magazine.

The actress is a current favourite of director Jerry Bruckheimer who spotted her in Bend It Like Beckham and immediately cast her in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

She will also play Queen Guinevere in his big-budget version of King Arthur. But a substantial part in Jurassic Park IV would put Knightley in Hollywood's earning big league.

Source: Press Release