Date: 3rd April 2001

Arnie Opens Universal Studios Japan

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER thrilled Japanese fans who had queued all night for the opening of UNIVERSAL THEME PARK in Osaka, Japan.

Braving cold and rain, thousands of people - many of whom had arrived the night before - watched as the TERMINATOR, The (1984) star used a clapperboard to slice through a roll of film and declare the $1.4 billion (pounds) UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN park open for business.

The new theme park - the first to be opened outside America - includes 18 attractions with rides themed on movies BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985), TERMINATOR, The (1984) and a JURASSIC PARK (1993) log flume water ride, which has been tamed down after research showed Japanese patrons aren't as happy about getting wet as Americans. (LE/HR/KW)

Source: WENN