Date: 1st November 2002

Winona's 'Shopping' Contents Revealed

As the Hollywood star's trial continues more evidence is emerging, now including details of the items removed from an exclusive Beverly Hills store.

Prosecutors claim that Winona Ryder took a Marc Jacobs top worth $766, a white Yves Saint Laurent blouse worth $755, a black Natori handbag worth $544, a black Dolce & Gabbana handbag worth $528, two black beaded Pierre Urbach bags at $54 each, two black hats, one an Eric Javits hat costing $226. Other accessories were said to include socks and hair products at a combined value of $227.30.

The 31 year old denies theft, burglary and vandalism and claims she was researching for a film. The store appears to be cashing in on the drama by producing posters with an image of a Ryder look-alike with a witty headline.

Source: Press Release



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