Winona Ryder - Details


Winona RyderWinona Horowitz was born 29th October 1971, named after her place of birth Winona Minnesota. She grew up in a commune in North California, living in conditions without electricity, but was well educated; her parents subjecting her to a life, bursting with music and literature.

Post moving near San Francisco (with her parents) around the age of ten, Winona aspired to act, and subsequently enrolled in the American Conservatory Theater

Winona's film debut (using her father's name Ryder) commenced with a role in Lucas (1986), directed by David Seltzer, leading to a successful career in Hollywood. Some of her film credits and past performances are acclaimed Worldwide: Edward Scissorhands (1990), co-starring with Johnny Depp with whom she had a much-publicized relationship for many years (from the age of seventeen); Mermaids (1990), playing an troubled teenager fighting the world and her mother (Cher); Little Women (1994); Girl, Interrupted (1999), a harrowing story of a girl's experience in a mental hospital in the late 1960's, starring alongside Angelina Jolie, and the forthcoming Deeds (2002).

Winona has a wide skill spectrum, with the ability to absorb into her character, mesmerizing audiences with conviction and on-screen power. Aesthetically beautiful, Winona has never been categorized, labeled, or limited by her beauty, thus reflected in her wide range of previous roles



  • 29th October 1971 - Birth