Date: 11th October 2002

Winona drug charge may be dropped

Hollywood star Winona Ryder may not face a drug charge when she goes on trial for shoplifting charges.
The actress is due in court on Tuesday accused of stealing nearly $6,000 (3,820) worth of goods last year from the exclusive department store Saks Fifth Avenue in Los Angeles.

But prosecutors have asked the judge to dismiss a charge the actress illegally possessed a painkiller.

The actress has denied charges of second degree burglary, grand theft, vandalism and drug possession.

Ms Ryder's defence has given a sworn statement from an unnamed person suggesting the star had reason to possess the Oxycodone pills, the District Attorney's office said on Wednesday.

The judge is expected to make a ruling over the drugs charge on Tuesday when the 30-year-old actress is due to stand trial over allegations which date from December.

Ms Ryder has been on bail since her arrest.

Source: Press Release



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