Date: 9th February 2002

Kate Winslet Blows A Fuse In Eatery

Actress KATE WINSLET lashed out at a stranger who tried to photograph her eating on Friday night (8th February 2002). The Bafta-nominee attended the opening of new restaurant Locatelli in west London and was outraged when a fellow guest tried to snap her tasting some pasta. Kate was seen screaming, "I didn't say you could take my picture. How dare you. "

The camera-holding guest replied that it was a public party, while the eatery's owner and chef Giorgio Locatelli stepped in to clam things down, before Kate demanded the woman leave. A partygoer says, "Kate was incandescent with rage. Everybody thought she had completely overreacted.

Kate just started screaming at this woman that she shouldn't take her picture. She tried to explain that she was only a fan and wasn't trying to sell it, but that wasn't good enough. The poor woman left 10 minutes later in a bit of a state. "

Source: WENN