Date: 11th September 2001

Stiller Wins Ratings War

Hollywood funnyman BEN STILLER is celebrating getting a PG-13 rating for his film ZOOLANDER (2001) - despite it containing an orgy scene. The THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (1998) actor had been fighting the MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATIONS OF AMERICA'S RATINGS BOARD, who initially wanted to place an R rating on the movie, which meant under 17s would require parental guidance to see it.

Stiller argued the scene was comical, not explicit, and was pleased with the PG-13 certificate, which prevents under 13s seeing the film and recommends adult supervision. He says, "I prefer to call it the love fest. " The actor recut five versions of the scene, which include Stiller, a midget, a Maori tribesman, OWEN WILSON and Stiller's wife CHRISTINE TAYLOR. (ES/WNWCCC)

Source: WENN