Date: 18th July 2017

Ben Stiller And Dev Patel On For Chippendales Movie.

Comedian Ben Stiller and "Lion" star Dev Patel are teaming for "Chippendales," a look at the rise and fall of the 1980s male stripping empire The Chippendales setup at Bold Films.

Isaac Adamson, who penned the Black List topping "Bubbles," is now writing the film about how Bombay-born immigrant Steve Banerjee (Patel) turned a LA dive bar into a multimillion-dollar cultural sensation that was still steeped in criminality.

Stiller plays Nick DeNoia, the Emmy-winning producer of children’s shows who recruited the musclebound G-string clad dancers, choreographed their routines and ran a touring company of strippers.

This is no "Magic Mike" though, the history of the Chippendales is one of serious crime including racketeering, arson and multiple murders and suicides.

Source: Press Release