Date: 11th August 2001

Jennifer Lopez Gets Married To Have Kids

JENNIFER LOPEZ is rushing to get married so she can start a family as soon as possible. The Latina singer is wedding dancer CRIS JUDD later this year (01) because she's desperate to become a mother.

Invitations have already gone out for a huge engagement party in Los Angeles later this month (18AUG01). A source says, "She's from a very traditional Catholic family and there are rules about love, marriage and family. Jennifer and her parents are incredibly close and they are strict about these things. "

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports the beauty mistakenly thought she was pregnant earlier this year (01) and it's the scare that is sending her down the aisle. The source continues,

"When Jennifer thought she was pregnant it sent her into a loop. She didn't want to do what CATHERINE ZETA JONES and MADONNA did, get pregnant first and then get married. " (MB/NE/MCM)

Source: WENN