Date: 27th May 2001

Jennifer Lopez's Body Stressed Out Her Parents

JENNIFER LOPEZ's curvy body was hugely stressful for her mother - because she was terrified her daughter was too sexy for her own good.

While she grew up in the Castle Hill area of The Bronx, Lopez was educated by her careful parents about the horrors of drink, drugs and sex. And their major stress was how sexy their daughter was. Lopez says, "I had a very voluptuous body from the time I was 11. The taste in my neighbourhood was for voluptuous women. I knew guys liked me.

My mother used to say, 'I'm so worried about Jennifer because she's so sexy. I'm afraid she's going to get pregnant. ' "Of course there were drugs in my neighbourhood, but I didn't understand anything about it. "I think it was because my mum and dad always told us, 'No drugs, no drinking, keep your legs closed. '" (SVD/TS/NFA)

Source: WENN