Date: 13th May 2001

Sheen Dinner Is Boycotted

A dinner in honour of Hollywood superstar MARTIN SHEEN is being boycotted by Irish groups because of his alleged support of a Death Row inmate.

The protesters also plan to picket the glitzy bash in Philadelphia because of the APOCALYPSE NOW (1979) star's association with convicted cop killer MUMIA ABU-JAMAI. ANNE O'CALLAGHAN of the PHILADELPHIA IMMIGRATION RESOURCE CENTRE says that she has received abusive phone calls as a result of the decision to honour Sheen, who has roots in County Tipperary.

And the local Irish dance troupe that was due to perform has pulled out in the wake of the boycott. Anne says,"We want to make it clear that the dinner is about immigration and not about Mumia Abu-Jamal. Several groups, including the FEDERATION OF IRISH SOCIETIES and the GRAND LODGE of the FRATERNAL ORDER of POLICE are boycotting the dinner. (RXT/ISM/PDD)

Source: WENN