Date: 12th April 2001

Snoop Gets Game Rage

Gangster rapper SNOOP DOGGY DOGG terrorised co-stars on the set of his new movie with bizarre temper tantrums.

The WHAT'S MY NAME hitmaker flew into a violent rage every time someone beat him at his favourite video game during the filming of his horror movie BONES (2001).

The hip-hop hardman stars alongside JACKIE BROWN (1997) actress PAM GRIER in the movie, in which he plays a pimp who comes back from the dead to wreak revenge on the drug-dealers who murdered him.

But cast and crew of the bloodsoaked blockbuster say Snoop was far scarier when the cameras stopped rolling. Bones co-star MERWIN MONDESIR says, "Do not ever play DREAMCAST with Snoop, because if you beat him he gets really mad. "We would get a lot of free time on the set of Bones, and to stop getting bored Snoop would challenge people to two player video games in his trailer.

"His favourite was a basketball game called NBA Y2K. He takes basketball real seriously and loves the LOS ANGELES LAKERS. "Snoop was cool while he was ahead but if he started to lose he would accuse you of cheating, rip the joystick out of the console and get very pi**ed off."

Snoop is definitely someone who shouldn't be crossed, with a real-life criminal record for possession of cocaine. He was also charged with being an accomplice to murder in 1993, although he was later cleared in a high profile court case. "
I don't think people are gonna mess with him without getting hurt, you know what I mean?", adds Mondesir. BONES is set for release on HALLOWEEN (31OCT) of this year (01). (NB/WN/KW)

Source: WENN