Date: 29th March 2001

Hudson's Irish Treat

OSCAR nominee KATE HUDSON will always be welcome in Ireland after convincing Dublin locals she was one of them on the set of ABOUT ADAM (2000).

Hudson, GOLDIE HAWN's daughter, thought mastering the accent would be easy when she signed up for the movie, which has become the biggest grossing Irish-funded film in the country's history.

But she admits it was a huge struggle: "The most difficult thing about the accent was I'm American and I've never been to Ireland. "I had talked to some Irish people but for some reason all Americans think they talk and sound like leprechauns. But they don't.

There's 15 different accents within a 10-mile radius and I had to master the most subtle. "One day it just clicked and you get it all together and it just kind of rolls off your tongue. What made me happy is I was able to fool Irish people. I'm really proud of that because they're tough people. A lot of them thought I was Irish."(KL&RXM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN