Date: 18th March 2002

Goldie Hawn's Joy Hunt

Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn is embarking on a project which she hopes will cheer her fans up - a documentary in search of joy around the world.

The Bird on a Wire (1990) star, 56, is a devout Buddhist and believes that her project will provide the world with a vital key that's been missing for years for most people - happiness.

She explains, "Today, more than ever, we have to start celebrating life and we have to start understanding that we are inundated with negative images so often. News is hard, life is difficult and it's scary out there. Joy lives in you. It's right in your heart, it's just how we find it. If you take a minute and think about all the celebrations that are going on in the world right now, we forget there are people enjoying life and celebrating life. I feel the need to go out and find these people. "

Source: WENN



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