Date: 20th February 2001

Luke Perry Helped Back To Hotel After Marijuana Marathon

Hollywood star LUKE PERRY enjoyed the delights of a marijuana cafe in Amsterdam so much - he had to be helped back to his hotel by sniggering staff.

The hunky American star had one cannabis joint too many this weekend (17/18FEB01) at famous coffee house THE GREENHOUSE, the same cafe where pop superstar BRITNEY SPEARS reportedly got tipsy after her sold-out concert last year (NOV00), and found himself incapable of talking - or moving.

An observer says, "Luke just sat on his chair in the corner of the room and could hardly say another word. "The management of The Greenhouse had to call the staff of the hotel where he was staying to come over and pick him up."

The star, best known for his portrayal of DYLAN in hit American TV series BEVERLY HILLS 90210, is currently filming the psychological thriller FOGBOUND with ORLA BRADY and BEN DANIELS in the coastal town of Almere, and is a frequent visitor of The Greenhouse. (ELD&CPT/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN