Date: 24th December 2000

Stallone's Mistress Speaks Out

Model MARGIE CARR has revealed she has been having a secret 10-year affair with movie star SYLVESTER STALLONE - behind his wife JENNIFER FLAVIN's back.

Carr insists she was perfect for the actor - because they shared a passion for "rough sex." The couple met at a gym in Santa Monica, and she was invited into Stallone's private office. She recalls, "The minute the door closed he was all over me. He told me I had a nice butt. He kept insisting that I give him oral sex and started caressing my breasts. I was so attracted to him."

But Carr's lust soon cooled when she realised Stallone was a selfish lover and that he was dating fellow model Jennifer. The two women even met at Stallone's 46th birthday party in 1992. Carr says, "Jennifer never knew that I'd been having a secret affair with Sly. When Sly first married Jennifer in 1997 we didn't see each other for a while. But it didn't take long before he was up to his old tricks again."

The model feels sure the romance is over now - because she hasn't seen him since demanding he leave his wife and marry her. She adds, "Without some kind of commitment, we probably won't see each other again."


Source: WENN